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Your survival footwear buying guide

by Frank Bates

Take a look at the shoes you’re currently wearing. Are they house slippers, tennis shoes or perhaps something dressier because you just returned from your office job?

Day-to-day shoes are typically designed for comfort and convenience. They are not built to protect you from the elements, rugged terrain or walking for miles like survival footwear is.

Owning the right pair of survival boots is crucial when facing a disaster. You can learn more about purchasing good tactical boots in this article. If your bug-out bag doesn’t already contain a pair of tactical boots, you need to add a pair immediately.

If you had to race out of your house quickly due to a crisis and only had time to grab your bug-out bag, your feet wouldn’t last long with a pair of sneakers.

Good tactical boots should feel like a second skin and keep your feet safe and comfortable in all emergency conditions. Here we’ll assist you in finding the best survival footwear for your needs, including buying criteria, things to avoid, pricing information and recommended brands.

What to look for when purchasing survival boots

There are seven important criteria to pay attention to when selecting a good pair of boots:

  • Comfort — This is first on the list for good reason. The last thing you want is to be distracted with foot pain and discomfort when you need to be alert and paying close attention to your surroundings in order to survive. Find survival boots that are comfortable enough that you could walk for miles and wear them for days. Equally important is breaking your boots in before placing them in your bug-out bag.
  • Support — Another vital item to consider is proper foot and ankle support. You need the ability to walk for miles while carrying the weight of your gear without support complications and/or ankle injuries.
  • Durability — Not all survival footwear is created equal. You need to find survival boots that hold up in some pretty rigorous conditions. Material choice can affect your boots’ long-term durability and should be suitable for the region in which you live, yet versatile enough to be useful anywhere.
  • Traction — It’s highly possible you’ll be faced with extreme weather conditions during a disaster, which may cause slippery environments. In that case, survival boots with excellent traction and long-lasting tread will be crucial.
  • Waterproof — Finding a pair of tactical boots that hold up well against mud and rain is essential. Look for properly insulated boots, typically provided by GORE-TEX. The outer shell prevents water from entering the boot, while the mesh vents keep air flowing and wick moisture away from the foot. This reduces the buildup of sweat and bacteria, which keeps the boots in better condition for long-term use and prevents frostbite in cold weather conditions.
  • Breathable — If you’re in a warmer climate, breathability is especially important. Finding boots that allow sweat to easily dry will help you avoid blisters and other uncomfortable foot ailments.
  • Color — You definitely don’t want your boots to be spotted from a distance due to their bright color. Opt for a color choice that will naturally blend in with nature to prevent you from standing out when your survival depends on blending in. Most tactical boots are only available in earth-tone colors, but be sure to select a color based on your own unique geographical region.

What to avoid when acquiring the right survival footwear

Poor survival boot purchases are commonly due to one or two small mistakes. Here’s what to dodge when selecting your boots:

  • Sizing issues — Buying an incorrect size of survival boots seems like an easy mistake to avoid, but it may be more difficult than you think. You’ll likely need to buy survival footwear online, which means it’s crucial to conduct your research, read consumer reviews and make sure there’s a return or exchange policy. Amazon allows customers to vote on how well footwear fits. If you’re purchasing there, aim for boots that score at least 75 percent on expected fit. When reading consumer reviews, if you see more than two people complaining about the same thing, pay attention and shop accordingly.
  • Budget issues — Being overly budget conscience is normally a good quality, but not when purchasing something as important as survival footwear. These boots could be the key to your survival, so price shouldn’t factor in too heavily when making your purchase. A good pair of survival boots should be treated as a long-term investment. After all, you’re investing in your own survival.

Pricing and recommended survival footwear brands

  • Pricing — Plan to spend between $100 and $300 on your tactical boots. This is not a survival item to skimp on. Your feet should be considered your first mode of transportation in a disaster, so investing in an excellent pair of tactical boots will increase your survival rate exponentially.
  • Brands — With so many survival footwear options out there, some of the highest rated tactical boot brands are Timberland, Wolverine, Belleville, Danner, Rocky and Wellco. Also purchase an extra pair or two of durable shoelaces for your bug-out bag.

This article is about boots, not socks. But make sure you have plenty of pairs of socks in your bug-out bag that will help make your boots feel comfortable.

Don’t allow an important detail such as footwear to affect your survival. Make time now to purchase and break in a pair of survival boots. If faced with a disaster, your life could depend on it.


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