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With Corruption, Injustice And Propaganda For All

Operatives of the State shape your entire life


Often, media outlets provide headlines of shocking abuses of the state from abroad that leave Americans feeling happy that they reside in the land of the free. But things happening right here in the United States are slowly leading the Nation to the very type of despotism that its citizens are appalled to see occurring in other parts of the world.

Here are five signs that the United States is becoming a totalitarian country where people are fed disinformation and beaten into submission not by sinister-looking soldiers, but by their teachers and local police:

    1. At North Rowan High School in North Carolina a high school social studies teacher told her students that not only would she not tolerate students speaking ill of President Barack Obama, but also that they could be arrested for doing so.

      Sadly, the incident is not isolated and illustrates part of the broader problem that the United States public education system functions as little more than an indoctrination machine. Routinely, students are subject to school lessons that fail to teach them to read proficiently and to do basic math and science work. In fact, students in the U.S. perform far worse than their international peers in those areas. Instead, U.S. high school students are educated to feel good about themselves and about people living alternative lifestyles. They are taught that U.S. foreign and economic policy are paramount, that global warming will kill us all and that rational self-interest should never be a motivation for anything. Upon graduating, many of them go to college where they receive an accelerated version of the aforementioned curriculum. After that, with no capacity for thought or self-improvement, they join the ranks of the unemployed or underemployed and are helped along by the Nanny State.


    1. In many countries, there is no such thing as fair trial, and accusations are enough for imprisonment. Since 1989, re-examination of evidence has freed more than 2,000 people who were sitting in prisons throughout the U.S. because of wrongful convictions. Experts say there are likely thousands more who deserve exoneration. Each day, overzealous prosecutors, motivated by the prospect of gaining higher authority in the bureaucracy of the justice system, use tactics that send innocent people to prison.


    1. Not only is justice being removed from the court system, but law enforcement agencies increasingly rely on entrapment to quell dissidence and validate their increasingly militaristic nature. The FBI repeatedly preys on mentally disturbed and inept individuals and coerces them into agreeing to perform outlandish and often impossible “terror” attacks that otherwise would not have happened.


    1. In many developing countries, it is common for police to bribe people with the threat of false imprisonment if their demands are not met. This has also become common practice in the United States. Police in Brown County, Wis., recently stole $7,500 from Beverly Greer, stating that the money — which she had gotten out of a series of ATMs to pay her son’s bail — had traces of narcotics on it. This was done through civil asset forfeiture, a policy that lets police confiscate money and property with very little evidence to connect them to drug activity. The assets usually go back to the coffers of the police department that confiscated them. In most instances, individuals whose property is stolen by police are never convicted of a crime.


  1. Images of street riots and of people in foreign countries being brutally beaten by authorities are always shocking to Americans. But it is probably going on in a city near you as you are reading this and will likely intensify in coming months. Though many Americans aren’t too worried about police crackdowns on raucous protesters because they don’t get involved in such situations, it is worth noting that tyranny historically makes massive power gains in times of chaos. Some people posit that growing and increasingly violent protests will result in the Federal government’s implementation of martial control over the entire American populace, possibly aided by foreign governments.

Teachers and police were once lionized for their selfless service to communities. But the positions have become so bureaucratized and given so much power in recent years that they have become attractive career paths for sociopaths and statists. More and more often, these once public service jobs are becoming burgeoning examples of how the state is taking control.

These are only a few examples of how the United States is beginning to embrace propagandist, unjust and brutal policies to control its people. Each day, more examples are offered in the headlines and are pushed on to Americans as positives that will make them safer and healthier. But the truth is that the general public of the United States will only become dumber and more submissive to the ruling elite with each passing day.


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