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Why governments want gun control

As night follows day, the mass shooting in Las Vegas has increased the pressure on and from the political establishment to begin limiting guns and gun accessories.

Of course, there are unthinking people who sincerely believe that removing guns from society, or even just passing one more law, will make everyone safe. The politicians and state media understand that, and they use it to their advantage and pour on the propaganda.

But here’s what those unthinking people — and those who will tend to accede to the overwhelming pressure to ban this or that thing or pass this or that law in the name of “safety” — fail to understand. Government men and politicians are not interested in your safety. They are interested in staying in power and maintaining the illusion that they are interested in your safety and well-being.

All modern governments are organized crime legitimized by the police power of the state. In rare fits of honesty, government men will even admit this:

One of the definitions of a nation state is that the state has a monopoly on legitimate violence. And the state ought to have a monopoly on legitimate violence.

If the premise of your question is that people are going to resist a tyrannical government by shooting machine guns at American troops, that’s insane. — New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler in a 2012 interview.

There is illegal crime, and there is legal crime. We tend to accept government crime because it has made itself politically legal and politically palatable with such propaganda myths as “democracy.”

All economic power, political power and religious power are vested in the state. The state manages the system backed by police power. Police power is civil and military.

Disarmament first comes by words and psychological warfare. The wide use of the word democracy is proof that people don’t know freedom from a house cat. The word democracy neutralizes and disarms the mind to the reality of authoritarianism and the danger to personal freedom. Adolf Hitler called his Nazi Germany “a great democracy,” and he disarmed the German citizens.

The German state under Hitler was organized crime protected by visible military power, whereas American so-called “democracy” is a police state without the jack boots and the swastika. Police power in a modern democracy appears more benevolent because it is more subtle or more invisible. But police power is ever present. It normally isolates and prosecutes enemies of the state, radiating its presence through the controlled media for public obedience. This type of police state is accurately described as benevolent totalitarianism. Sometimes, however, it misfires and rears its despotic head in actions like Waco and Ruby Ridge.

All national states have one thing in common. They want all uncontrolled arms of the people confiscated. The only example of controlled arms in the hands of the people is Switzerland. And even this situation is quasi-military for home defense.

Why do all governments want to confiscate arms of their people? It is quite simple. The government political system fears an armed citizenry. Organized crime, no matter how legitimate it may appear, wants no risk of being overthrown and no personal risk of the politicians and bureaucrats. It wants no threat to the state that it cannot calculate and control.

The state is therefore the enemy of the people. Otherwise it would not fear the people and want to disarm them. We can clearly understand disarmament because we recognize that the state and its bureaucrats and politicians are on one side and the people are on the other.

As long as the word democracy means freedom in the minds of the people, the long attrition of personal liberty will continue, with or without gun ownership. The word democracy by and of itself has disarmed us. Yet, I hear people express great fear of loss of their firearms and at the same time use the word democracy like it was cotton candy.

Disarmament comes via democracy. As long as we defend democracy, we are pro-gun control whether we are conscious of it or not.

What, pray-tell, caused the great loss of freedom of the American people — democracy, of course. Democracy is the American version of National Socialism.

Passive words like democracy disarm the mind, and then it is only a matter of time before you volunteer to hand over your guns. “To keep and bear arms” is the opposite of democracy.

The frivolous debate of public safety against crime and criminals is laughable except media hype actually persuades more and more people of this pacifist nonsense.

The bold and insane issue of gun control is that the cause of gun violence is guns. Meanwhile, the U.S. government is selling arms to terrorist “rebels” and creating violence with weapons of death all over the world

The strategy of public persuasion with propaganda is far less risky to the state than physical force. Although, keep in mind that propaganda is force and leads as certain to conclusions in favor of the government.

Disarmament propaganda has been going on in the U.S. for a long time, along with stepped-up requirements of gun registration and piecemeal and continuous legislation. And if you think that the National Rifle Association is interested in protecting gun rights, you don’t know its history. It has backed gun control legislation in the past just like it has now come out encouraging the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to revisit the “legality” of bump stocks.

Affixing your name and identity to the NRA is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Anyone naïve enough to believe that the NRA membership list won’t end up with gun confiscation authorities is too naïve to own a gun.

Gun confiscation is serious business. It has to do with the basic survival of human liberty. Americans should protect their private guns and keep their guns private. This is the first law of survival against the organized crime of the state.

Authorities know they cannot confiscate guns in one fell swoop without fomenting an armed rebellion that even some members of the police state will join. So they do it piecemeal, through stealth, subterfuge and gradualism.

But whenever massacres like Las Vegas occur, the steps they take are larger and bolder until the political climate dies down. We see it now in the form of public outrage calling for everything from the killing of the suppressor law, to the ban on bump stocks to calls for mandatory insurance for gun owners to restrictions on the number guns individuals can own to the immediate outlawing of all guns owned by individuals. Yes, a lot of well-meaning dupes will join government media hype for gun control. I’m convinced that if Mitt Romney had been president when the Sandy Hook massacre (which, like Las Vegas, may well have been a false flag) occurred, Republicans would have joined him to pass gun control laws.

The truth is, guns do not cause violence. What happens to our safety when all guns are in the hands of power hungry goons? They will plunder and kill under any pretext and without any pretext at all. The communist Russian government under Stalin killed more than 20 million of its citizens and the communist Chinese government under Mao killed more than 45 million. Governments have no qualms with mass slaughter.

Alas, the wimps who go along with gun control propaganda will discover to their horror that they are the enemy of the state. Mind control is awesome power.

Get your defense gun before it’s too late. Incidentally, short handguns are meaningless to most people who have had little or no experience with them. If you buy and own a handgun you must train, train and train some more.

Long guns like a 12-gauge shotgun with No. 4 buckshot in the home discourage attacks upon person and property with very little instruction and are good for seniors whose eyesight is poor and whose hands are less steady. Home- and self-defense is a human right, not a privilege.


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