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What’s worse than witchcraft and voodoo?

by Bob Livingston

One of the great illusions of our time is that we live in a civilized world. This implies that we have risen above witchcraft and voodoo.

We live in a time when giant multi-billion dollar industries get their profits based on the perpetuation of pure myths. These myths are jealously protected as if they were patents. They allow no infringements and no dissent.

We speak of the vaccine industry under the protection and police powers of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The foundation of the vaccine industry is the germ or bacteria cause of disease. The philosophy of public health is founded upon the premise that the public must be protected internally from diseases that originate in external environments. We are “protected” with immunizing shots for smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, colds, influenza, pneumonia, scarlet fever, whooping cough, etc.

There are two erroneous theories of disease that support the public policy of immunization. One is that disease is contagious and the other is that subpathogenic doses create antibodies which defend against new invasion of bacteria or germ disease. According to Cash Asher in his book, Bacteria, Inc., “not only is there no evidence of these so-called antibodies being formed, but there is ground for believing that injected live germ proteins (immunizations) continue to multiply, breed and cross-breed ad infinitum, doing untold harm as its reproductivity may continue while life lasts.”

Malaria, typhoid and smallpox were wiped out with modern sanitation. Typhoid was traced to contaminated water, malaria to the female mosquito and smallpox to bedbugs. Polio was declining precipitously prior to the introduction of the Salk vaccine, which actually caused more cases of polio.

Even though the validity of immunization is lost in the confusion of cause and effect, the vaccination fetish persists and is more popular than ever. The serum industry is big business. And it is protected by a congress that granted it immunity from lawsuits and established a Vaccine Court to compensate victims with funds stolen from Americans.

Imagine the crime of taking an infant under the natural protection of its mother’s milk and injecting into its body one devastating poison after another. The chemical balance of its body cells become polarized and defenseless against the external environment. These helpless infants — once healthy — are left with debilitating neurological, emotional, developmental and physical conditions for life. Parallel with mass inoculation there has been an astounding increase of heart conditions, cancer and other serious maladies in children.

The following also comes from Bacteria, Inc.:

Long ago, science warned physicians about the danger of post-vaccinal sleeping sickness, poliomyelitis, syphilis, and other diseases. These diseases occur in children and adults alike following inoculations. Physicians know that a percentage of those they vaccinate or inoculate for diphtheria, scarlet fever, or measles, will die of shock, and that others will be projected into the Morphic night of sleeping sickness, or the disfiguring horrors of polio, while others will be stricken with rheumatic fever, arthritis, blindness, and suppurating rashes of all kinds.

Yet these results are justified by immunologists on the premise that the procedures are necessary to safeguard the population from epidemics. They overlook the fact that epidemics diminished as man purified his exterior environment.

It is conceivable that the filth that once beset him in rags has come forth in a needle to destroy him.

Government always has a silent and binding relationship with the pharmaceuticals to supply chemicals (like chlorine for drinking water) for the purpose of mass medication. The vaccine program is nothing less than mass medication for profit.

Government and big business are partners in crime. It is a symbiotic relationship.

My friends, the issue is not whether vaccines are tainted with poisons like mercury. The issue is an expansion of tyranny under the pretense of “public health.” The public health syndrome is full of mischief and was created as a population control agent of government.

Consider this: The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics “recommend” that children between birth and 18 months get vaccinated against hepatitis B, Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), inactivated poliovirus, measles, mumps and rubella, chicken pox, pneumococcal disease and influenza. Immune system beware! This is not medicine. This is “public policy.”

What is terrorism but the assault of the government upon the people? If the people are persuaded through guile to submit to vaccinations/inoculation that cause disease over time, are they any less under assault? Does this not make foreign terrorism a sham?

And it’s not just phony science and propaganda that is used anymore. In California, the new law SB 277 eliminated the legal right for parents to file a personal exemption to vaccinate for religious and conscientious beliefs in order to attend school. School-aged children there are now subjected to nearly three dozen doses of 10 federally-recommended and state-required immunizations in order to attend state-mandated education facilities.

This has created a cottage industry of physicians writing medical exemptions for a fee. But they are now coming under fire from the media and the California medical licensing board. In a recent editorial, The Los Angeles Timesrecommended the licensing board hunt down and punish the offending physicians who are helping people escape the medical tyranny and protect their children from harm.

And vaccines do cause harm, as proved by the settlements rendered by the Vaccine Court, which has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to the victims of “public policy.” The medical establishment simply accepts under the theory of utilitarianism that some people will be killed or forever maimed but chooses to sacrifice those people for the “greater good.”

Now the annual push is in full swing to vaccinate everyone against the flu. Flu shots are such big business that they are provided for “free” by local pharmacies and box stores. But the greatest percentage of damages compensated by the Vaccine Court is for reactions to the flu vaccine. By and large, the patient/victims developed Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Guillain-Barré is an auto-immune disorder that results in nerve damage, muscle weakness and paralysis. In fact, its symptoms are very similar to polio, which of course we are told — falsely — was eradicated by the polio vaccine.

We now know that the “decline” in suspected polio cases after the introduction of the Salk vaccine in the U.S. can be traced to sleight-of-hand by the CDC, which over the decades following 1950 began to reclassify what was and was not considered polio.  In other words, over the last 60-plus years the CDC eradicated polio by simply giving different names to diseases that would have in the 1950s been called “polio.”

The medical establishment has a history of creating new diseases by reclassifying and renaming old ones in order to open up whole new opportunities for the pharmaceuticals to produce new drugs or new uses for old ones. There is now serious discussion that President Franklin Roosevelt actually had Guillain-Barré rather than polio.

Mass immunizations are not only a fraud in origin, philosophy and concept, they are an indignity, an assault and a trespass upon the mind and body of the American people. This is criminal chemistry pretending to be healthcare and public health.


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