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Train Me KansasTM is a consortium of Second Amendment advocates and supporters in Kansas. We know that training and firearms resources are important to gun owners. We have strived to provide this much needed FREE resource to help you in your endeavor to be the most educated and informed possible in the safe and efficient use of your firearms and have available to you all the resources you need.

The Kansas State Rifle Association represented by Patricia Stoneking has spearheaded and developed this coalition of interested parties from around the state who joined forces to promote gun-safety training, the shooting sports, self-defense awareness and exercise of the fundamental constitutional right of the people, to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes. The goal is to advance marksmanship, safe gun handling, and a deep appreciation of the valuable role firearms play in a peaceful society, and provide resource information on a statewide scale.  It is an invaluable resource for the firearms community in Kansas!  

Certified Instructors are welcome to submit information about classes being offered in Kansas. Ranges in Kansas and other related firearms industry businesses are welcome to submit information that would be of interest to anyone from the novice to the most advanced member or potential member of the widely growing Kansas firearms community.  Just go to the “Get Listed” page of the website to submit your information!

This program is just now launching and will be THE source for finding ranges, classes, gun shops, gunsmiths, gun shows and outfitters as it hosts extensive searchable databases for everything shooting related. The various databases may be searched by zip code, city or name! As it expands it will include Second Amendment friendly attorneys and be a source for Kansas gun laws!

The website is full of links to all kinds of valuable information! Explore, enjoy and get valuable information you need. Kansas is a gun-friendly state and we believe that safety and marksmanship matters. Get trained and carry on!

Visit Train Me KansasTM  Today!


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