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The third tower to fall on 9/11


by Bob Livingston

WTC 7 was a building that was part of the World Trade Center complex. It collapsed at 5:20 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, becoming the first skyscraper in the history of the world to collapse — according to the official explanation — due to fire.

At 47 stories, it was just under half as tall at the Twin Towers (each 110 stories). It collapsed in free-fall, appearing as a controlled demolition. It collapsed after the building’s owner, Larry Silverstein, told firefighters to “pull it” after having a discussion with his insurance carrier to determine if it would authorize its controlled demolition.

Setting up a controlled demolition cannot be accomplished in minutes or hours. It takes weeks and months of planning. So Silverstein must have known the explosives had been placed there ahead of time.

Both the Twin Towers exhibited all the characteristics of explosive demolition when they fell. Had they been brought down by fire, their collapse would have been asymmetrical. There would have been a slow onset of collapse with large and visible deformations present.

The Twin Towers, according structural engineers who designed them and carried out studies prior to their construction, concluded the buildings could withstand multiple impacts by 707s or DC 8s at speeds much greater than the 767-200s that struck the buildings. In January 2001, WTC Building Construction Manager Frank A. DeMartini, in an interview for History Chanel’s “Modern Marvels,” said the buildings could withstand the impact of a “fully loaded Boeing 707” because the structure is like mosquito netting and a plane would be like a pencil penetrating the netting.

There are a number of videos showing firefighters reporting hearing explosions just before the buildings collapsed.

Likewise, Building 7 fell into its own footprint just after a low-frequency explosion is heard just before the collapse begins.

So why is this important 14 years after 9/11?

It’s important because surveys show about half of all people have heard little or nothing about WTC 7. But when presented with video evidence of the building’s collapse, almost half of those viewing it suspect a controlled demolition.

It’s important precisely because it’s the first high-rise to collapse due to fire, even though much hotter fires have been recorded in high rise buildings that didn’t fall. It’s important because engineers have no explanation as to how the building came down.

It’s important because the government has no interest in providing a plausible explanation for the building’s collapse and, in fact, FEMA’s explanation that the collapse was due to diesel fuel fires admittedly “has only a low probability of occurrence,” according to the FEMA report’s authors.

It’s important because the building housed documents relating to ongoing SEC investigations, including the relationship between Citigroup and the WorldCom bankruptcy.

It’s important because official investigations have ignored evidence that explosives were used, including nuclear weapons, based on the ailments and afflictions suffered by those involved in the Ground Zero cleanup.

Some 70 percent of the tens of thousands of first responders have contracted cancer. According to the New York Post, about 67,000 New Yorkers have applied for 9/11 victim compensation due to cancers attributable to exposure to toxic dust, smoke and airborne contaminants.

It’s important because a former Soviet nuclear intelligence officer, Dimitri Khalezov, wrote of being briefed by his government thatnuclear demolitions had been planted under the World Trade Center. It’s important because Khalezov also claimed that at a celebratory brunch in Bangkok with Mossad operations chief Mike Harari and other Israeli intelligence officials, the Israelis took credit for the planning and execution of 9/11.

It’s important because, based on the destruction of these buildings, the U.S. government has enacted and continues to enact laws and regulations that steal our liberties and make everyone suspects subject to star chamber-like interrogations, perpetual spying and unlawful detention.

It’s important because the U.S. is now engaging in wars around the world based on the premise that Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. and seek America’s destruction, yet there is little to no evidence that conventional wisdom surrounding 9/11 is true.


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