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Make no mistake America is at war. The Socialist ie: Communist/Nazi agenda is to crate an America of pathetic sheep. The only thing keeping them from this is the armed populace. Stalin,Hitler,Mao and all the other Tyrannies first disarmed the people then enacted the Police State and all it’s glorious brutalities. A lot of you will say, it can’t happen here. Yet it is.

Every elected official takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. That includes the Bill of rights. All officials that break that oath and or use their power of office to undermine the Constitution should be tried for treason.  The time to stand up is now. All these anti gunners and their rich backers are Socialists. Feinstein,Brady’s,Bloomberg those in the Media etc ad nauseum will be at the top of the heap and exempt from the “rules” the rest of us will be subjected to. Like all the communist Tyrannies those at the top make the rules and live the good life while the masses suffer. Hypocritical nonsense. Yet there are no shortage of idiots ready to follow these dupes. All led by Obama their saviour. It is true our Republic has been seriously compromised. Even at this point it is better than any Communist/Socialist regime. You never saw people flocking to get into the USSR,China or any other Socialist “paradise”. What makes anyone think it will be better here. It won’t. I say we trade these Socialist parasites for some freedom loving Chinese people. One way tickets.

I’ll leave you with a quote from gun control advocate Sarah Brady:”Our task for creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who resist us have been totally disarmed.”

Chaz (WichitaObserver.com)



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  1. Ken Rucker says:

    Excellent! And spot on.

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