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The insane people who drive America’s foreign policy (video)

by Jay Baker

The Council on Foreign Relations controls America’s foreign policy. If there’s any doubt about that look at the membership roster and search for list of presidential candidates and top cabinet officials in the past 100 years.

The CFR is part of the Deep State. Its members are some of the “unseen powers” that Bob Livingston writes about who are the shadow U.S. government.

It is the CFR that puts up presidential candidates in both parties and populates the government in the departments of State, Treasury and Defense regardless of the party of the president, and establishes policy which is rubber-stamped by the elected class.

It is the CFR that is behind the U.S. efforts to destabilize the Middle East. CFR members planned the operations and created the blueprints.

Max Boot appears from time-to-time in the mainstream media on behalf of the CFR as an “expert” on foreign policy and military matters. He’s also a contributor to mainstream propaganda publications like the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, USA Today (where is on the Board of Contributors), The Wall Street Journal, Commentary and the CFR’s propaganda rag, Foreign Policy.

Boot is a member of the CFR. His bio lists him as a “military historian and foreign policy analyst who has been called one of the ‘world’s leading authorities on armed conflict’ by the International Institute for Strategic Studies,” and “the Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.” So it’s instructive to listen when he speaks.

He did so in a recent interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. If one wonders about the irrationality of American foreign policy and what’s behind the full scale push for war with Russia, one only need listen to the nonsense and hatred spewing from Boot’s lips in this interview.

And as you listen, understand that Boot represents and speaks for the people who have us in wars in at least six countries and are behind the fake news of Trump/Russia collusion story and all the angst that is pushing the U.S. – along with collaborators like Senators John (Insane) McCain and his pansy sock-puppet Lindsey Graham – toward war with yet another. He sounds insane.

Starting a war with Russia would be insanity, but that’s what Boot and his ilk want more than anything.


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