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The Failing American Regime


As regimes collapse, they step up oppression of their subjects. Because the collapse is gradual, so is the increased oppression. Gradualism and stealth are key components to the success of the elites and their stepped up oppression of the people.

The coming collapse will reveal the fact that the illusion of government and so-called democracy is only organized crime run by the psychopathic politicians and bureaucrats. They have run and ruined the world with mass deception and manipulation with fiat currency.

How is it that not everyone knows about this? Many people see the chaos and feel the economic oppression, but they refuse to believe the cause. Yet it is laid bare for all to see. By refusing to look, we are sanctioning our own enslavement.

We are square in the middle of decadence masquerading as civilization. Social and economic oppression is closing in, but we accept it under all manner of rationalization and government propaganda.

We have horrible “security checks” at airports, train stations, sporting events and even at highway checkpoints. Every day there is reduced personal freedom; and increasing numbers of directives, executive orders and regulations are signed as if into law under the guise of “keeping us safe.”

Food and energy prices are rising, but government statisticians say they are not a part of the cost of living. Infrastructure is fast deteriorating. The standard of living for the middle class is declining. Regulations and high taxes are oppressive.

The late Haile Selassie, religious leader of Ethiopia, said: “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

One big reason for inaction among those who are beginning to wake up is that most people of privilege continue to live comfortably and would rather risk their own destruction than temporarily surrender any of their advantages. And many people believe that if they don’t see a lightning strike, there is no risk. This means that we should not expect a great tsunami of oppressive tyranny, but rather a slow seepage of oppressive laws and regulations from within that come by slow gradualism and imperceptible treason.

Today, 75 percent of government “finance” is pure credit expansion. With this chicanery, the government makes war on the market economy. It makes war on the American people and impoverishes the middle class. It has reduced seniors and pensioners to a very low standard of living, driving them toward eventually becoming beggars rummaging through garbage cans.

There was a 1.7 percent Social Security raise that began in January. The typical retiree will get between $12 and $24 more per month. At the same time, the banks are getting trillions of dollars from quantitative easing (QE3 to infinity) government printing presses.

When you read that the Federal Reserve is financing the U.S. government deficit, you are not seeing legitimate accounting. You are looking square at fiat witchcraft. It’s a total illusion. This means that we are seeing the collapse now.

There is no such thing as Federal Reserve financing. The Federal Reserve cannot produce substance as money or financing. But it can use the fiat system of “money creation” to transfer wealth from the people to the elite and the government. This is precisely why the elite are trying to keep their system going.

Fiat money creation is a monopoly of the government/banker alliance. As the system collapses, more and more fiat is created, which transfers more and more wealth to the government and the bankers/elite. They will continue until there is final collapse.

The elites know the collapse is coming (they have known this for some time), and they have been steadily and stealthily making preparations to handle it.

The USA Patriot Act of 2001 established in Section 364 of the Act the “Uniform Protection Authority For Federal Reserve.” This conferred domestic policing powers to the 12 privately owned Federal Reserve banks. This section reads:

Law enforcement officers designated or authorized by the Board or a reserve bank under paragraph (1) or (2) are authorized while on duty to carry firearms and make arrests without warrants for any offense against the United States committed in their presence…Such officers shall have access to law enforcement information that may be necessary for the protection of the property or personnel of the Board or a reserve bank.

The system has its own police academies for training, its own uniforms, patches, badges, uniforms, weapons, vehicles and ultraConstitutional arrest powers. Called FRLEOs (Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officers), they are employed by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C, and are considered by law to be Federal government employees. But the Federal Reserve banks, determined by settled law in the case of Lewis v. United States, are private corporations. The Federal Reserve banks consider FRLEOs to be their own private employees.

The chicanery of funny (phony) money funds a huge military machine mostly to protect government against the American people, who are heavily armed.

Beyond FRLEOs, the Department of Homeland Security has been ramping up its security forces. In recent months, it has purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition — enough to shoot each American citizen four times and keep rounds in reserve. It has its own armored vehicles and heavily armed soldiers. The DHS propaganda machine tells us the 1.6 billion rounds are for target practice. But the rounds purchased are mostly the more expensive hollow points – and, therefore, it is irrational to purchase them for practice — that are banned from warfare by the Geneva Convention.

U.S. military are now partnering with DHS and local law enforcement in urban training drills over America’s cities large and small. These are occurring almost monthly now. One recent training exercise in Miami — the third one over that city in the last 18 months — frightened those leaving the Miami Heat game and those traveling on public transportation.

During the exercise, black helicopters streaked through the night sky firing “blank” rounds over the city.


Soldiers rappelled out of helicopters onto city streets. The “official” story is that military was training to “ensure that military personnel are able to operate in urban areas and to focus on preparations for overseas deployment. It also serves as a mandatory training certification requirement.”

It has now become almost routine for National Guard troops to conduct drills — often unannounced — in downtown areas of major and mid-sized cities, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. Taken together, this is a police state in every sense of the word.

There is now in the United States an army of law enforcers, and it comes in layer upon layer. This can mean only that criminal politics is afraid of the American people.

The global economy is a train wreck waiting to happen. Leading politicians, economists and journalists, all without exception, fail to see (or choose to deny and hide) the coming crash, which will be far worse than the one in 2008. The one coming just ahead is far more calamitous. This time, the crash will have serious political ramifications.

The very important thing about the coming crash is the direct link between what we use as money and liberty, honesty and morality. It’s in the money — the blood of the economy.

Government itself is the source and cause of the collapse of the system. After all, it is government that creates fiat and then devalues it to zero.

The political order is self-destructing. Are we as individuals ready to survive as we go through the great collapse just ahead?

One thing more: Don’t miss the connection that government is all about funding and saving the banks, not the American people, as evidenced by the paltry 1.7 percent Social Security raise.

The government is stimulating the banks, not the economy. Money and capital are going into hiding.

America has been neutered into conformity. Some of us have warned — for years, we have warned — of what is coming. Yet, like Noah warning of the coming flood, our warnings have been and are being rebuffed with catcalls and ad hominems. We now see our predictions coming to fruition. Yet there are still many with eyes tightly shut.

We await the deluge.


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