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Rand Paul confident conservatives will get their full repeal

by Sam Rolley

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a leading opponent of the failed House attempt to revamp Obamacare this month, says he believes conservatives on Capitol Hill will be able to deliver an actual repeal and replacement package by the end of the year.

The conservative Republican suggested during a recent appearance on the Laura Ingraham Show that Republicans are going to continue working on a plan for healthcare that resembles the full repeal and replacement promised to voters.

In the meantime, the lawmaker said, the Trump White House has the authority to begin right away making the healthcare system work better for millions of Americans.

“I remain, continue to remain very encouraged on is the idea of these buying groups. Not only within states, but nationally,” Paul said. “And I’m encouraging the White House that their Department of Labor could decide and could define what is a healthcare association, even without a change in the [Employee Retirement Income Security Act].”

He added: “Let’s say President Trump were to legalize or normalize a nationwide restaurant association — we’re now talking about millions of people that would have the leverage to get lower prices. I think this can be done by executive order and I’m encouraging the White House to do it … I don’t think he’s beholden to big business in any way.”

Though it got little attention from the media, the House recently voted on a measure that would allow for the creation of such associations.

Paul also weighed in on something the media has watched closely: President Trump’s battle with the GOP’s conservative wing over his healthcare efforts.

The lawmaker said the president is criticizing Freedom Caucus lawmakers for doing precisely what voters sent them to Washington to do.

“The establishment doesn’t like the Freedom Caucus because they are principled and honorable men and women. And I have the greatest respect for them,” Paul said. “I think they did what absolutely they were elected to do. They did what they told people we would do, is vote for repeal, and they didn’t vote for Obamacare Lite.”


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