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Pro-gun group wants Trump to dump Petraeus as possible secretary of state


by Sam Rolley

Former Central Intelligence (CIA) Director David Petraeus is a bad pick for secretary of state because of his “Clinton-like” disregard for Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights, according to Gun Owners of America.

Earlier this year, Petraeus joined retired astronaut Mark Kelly in launching a gun control group called The Veterans Coalition for Common Sense. The group’s primary objectives are increasing background check scrutiny for gun purchases and working to decrease veteran firearm suicides.

The former CIA chief also has close ties to a number of influential gun control lobbying groups which have promoted increased U.S. gun control as well as the UN Arms Treaty signed by President Obama in 2013 but not yet ratified by the Senate.

Gun Owners of America contends that placing Petraeus in the nation’s top diplomatic post would ensure that the arms treaty moves forward.

“There’s a fundamental question as to whether we’re going to withdraw our signature from it. And the secretary of state is going to play a major role on that. Similarly the Small Arms Treaty the secretary of state will determine whether or not this administration pushes the gun control in that treaty or removes us from it,” said GOA Legislative Council Mike Hammond.

Hammond also took issue with the name of Petraeus’s gun control organization.

“David Petraeus is co-founder of Veterans for Common Sense to create this impression that veterans and military people think that there should be no Second Amendment rights in America – and that’s a particularly insidious notion,” he said.

GOA isn’t the first 2nd Amendment organization to speak out against the prospect of Petraeus being named secretary of state by the Trump administration.

The Firearms Policy Coalition said in a petition against Petraeus’ nomination earlier this month: “Having a Secretary of State who openly advocates for more gun control, and who has the ability to reinterpret regulations without Congressional oversight, would be disastrous for gun owners, hobbyist gunsmiths, and manufacturers.”


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