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President’s second inaugural an unabashed celebration of multiculturalism


By Pete Papaherakles
In politics, perception is everything. As all successful politicians know, it’s not who you are that
matters, but who your voters think you are.
Obama has failed to fulfill his promises made
four years ago, but people still voted for him because
they wanted to believe he is something that he is not.
Such is the world of politics where oratorial skills and
demagoguery are more important than tangible accomplishments.
Singer “Beyonce,” who sang the national anthem
at Obama’s recent inauguration, is a perfect example
of this fake reality. Like Obama, Beyonce is an idol of
the cult of multiculturalism. She is neither black nor
white, yet both at the same time. She is an accomplished singer and performer but, like Obama, what
you see is a carefully crafted illusion. Eventually, it
was learned that the Marine Band, which accompanied her, was pretending to play its instruments. They
then had to admit that Beyonce’s rendition of the anthem was pre-recorded. Asked about Beyonce’s
singing, the Marine band spokesman dead-panned:
“Beyonce was lip-syncing.”
Attended by a disproportionally black crowd, the
inaugural festivities were like a three-ring circus of
multicultural entertainers including black singers and
celebrities, Mexican mariachi bands, Chinese dancers
and parades marching their way to a new one-world,
globalist America.
Obama’s speech was also not what it seemed to
be. Behind the lofty platitudes were clear messages
for the America Obama desires: a multicultural, multiracial, multigender globalist America that the
founding fathers would never recognize.
His speech started with the passage from the
Constitution saying “all men are created equal.”
Then, he blended in references reminiscent of Martin Luther King. “It’s not the color of our skin, the
tenets of our faith or the origins of our names that
make us exceptional,” Obama said of the notion of
equality. “No union founded on the principles of liberty and equality could survive half slave and half
free,” he added, cleverly inserting that white-guilt
trigger word, “slave.” He did it again when he referred to “battles” America has fought in Seneca and
Selma, this time including women’s rights and “gay”
rights along with civil rights. Presidents of yesteryear might have referred to the shores of Normandy
or the bitter cold of Valley Forge.
Obama followed up with promises of equality for
“gays,” lesbians and [illegal] immigrants and, of
course, Obamacare for everyone. He insisted diversity is America’s greatest strength. ★


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