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Kansas Capitol 2nd Amendment Rally Friday Feb.8 2013

  • Not a Kansas resident? Please see the national event for details relevant to your state. Demonstration to take place in all capitol cities:http://tinyurl.com/ak866wy

    More details to be announced!

    Firearms may not be carried on the grounds of the State Office building:http://tinyurl.com/b63hvwf

    IMPORTANT NOTE – KS 21-4218 states, “Possession of a firearm on the grounds of or within certain state-owned or leased buildings and county courthouses…” is prohibited.

    We will be rallying to show our support for the Second Amendment and our unwillingness to comply with ANY legislation that violates our gun rights. This important event is part of a national movement that will be happening at the same time – in every state of the union.

    Ok, The capital grounds are off limits to guns. The side walks are considered public grounds and can be open carried on. I am also working on having a couple speakers on the steps with a PA system. So, the way I, personally, feel is best is people not carrying, rally around the steps of the Capitol and Speakers, and those who wish to open carry may stand by the road on the sidewalk, but you’ll need to keep in mind that if you block the sidewalk from pedestrians you can be ticketed. I will be carrying a empty holster and recomending others do the same.

    Please join this very important event & take the time to manually invite all of your friends who may find it of interest. Unfortunately, Fascistbook does require you to ‘click’ upon every single person individually. But it much more effective than simply re-sharing it on your wall. But please do BOTH! See you there.


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