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It’s not about the statues

by Bob Livingston

The perfect slaves are those who can be persuaded to serve the state against their own best interest.

Long ago the social alchemists developed the art of propaganda. They discovered that persuasion as a system of enslavement is far superior to the rack and the thumbscrew.

Public education as a dumbing down process is the ongoing basis of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. A programmed population will endure bureaucratic punishment and insult with the full cooperation of the victimized people.

For 100 years or more, the public education system has taught a false history — when it has taught history at all — of America, its founding, its system and its relationship to other autocratic, authoritarian systems.

It has operated in a symbiotic relationship with the controlled media to create a very carefully and deliberately prescribed thought system which subverts the population to think and act in perfect harmony with the system.

Once the masses are manipulated into conformity and they arrive at the animal farm in full mental submission, they themselves enforce conformity. The inmates are in charge of the jail… the perfect crime.

Another way to put it is that the inmates love their captivity and they love “big brother.” They and “big brother” (the government) are of ONE MIND! There is no dissent. All are ONE! This is the ultimate goal of the New World Order.

The spirit of subterfuge has become good and good has become evil.

Over time this dumbing down system has created generations of people without knowledge and the ability to follow logic and reason. Evidence of this phenomenon can be seen in the widespread dogpiling on the removal of all vestiges of Southern culture and heritage and the images of the Confederacy and the Old South which began a couple of years ago and is now reaching fever pitch.

The narrative driving these latest attacks stems from a months-long propaganda war on President Donald Trump, his supporters and white conservatives. The media have determined that Trump is a racist and that all Trump voters and white conservatives are likewise racists if they don’t advocate for his immediate removal from office.

Simultaneously, anti-American organizations and globalists are fueling and funding “Arab Spring” type protests and attacks on monuments to and statues of people who we have been taught supported racist policies and slavery. Meanwhile the propaganda media and prominent politicians promote and legitimize these violent groups and their actions

Violent left-wing Marxist social justice warriors — disaffected, deluded by their lot in life, suffering from a hive mind collectivist mentality — are fomenting chaos and disorder, starting fights and destroying property over historical statues and monuments. Devoid of reason and morality, they are embracing a system — Communism — that has murdered hundreds of millions people in order to erase vestiges of a culture that fought for liberty and self-determination.

People literally do not think their own thoughts. This allows cover for the ruling class and their nefarious activities.

The violent and the non-violent assaults on monuments and statues are a prelude to something bigger… something darker. This is seen in the move from simply removing Confederate symbols to monuments to the Founders and even Christopher Columbus. This is an all-out assault on the American system and the Constitution. Sadly, Antifa’s ground troops — most of them anyway — are likely oblivious. They are Stalin’s “useful idiots” who carry out bidding of the elites.

Attempts to whitewash Southern culture from existence and distort the true nature of the Confederate cause, fueled by Northern progressive elites (in and out of both major political parties) white apologists and race hucksters and agitators, have been ongoing since Appomattox. In fact, assaults on Southern culture began long before Fort Sumter and was a major precipitator of the Southern secession.

This is no coincidence. It is part of the long-term war on liberty, independent thought and rural America and the attempted destruction of the predominantly white, productive American middle class.

In the United States, the dismantling of the middle class has become the appointed, full-time task of the largest government alphabet soup agencies and official U.S. policy. The middle class is the globalist’s chief nemesis. For as they are the world’s greatest producers, Americans also demand equitable reward for their labor and product, placing them in competition for resources and goods with the global elite. The greatest blows to the middle class were the income tax and free trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT, because socialist economic warfare is the most reliable way to transfer the wealth of middle class Americans to the elite without awakening their complaint.

Indeed, because of the altruistic propaganda attached to socialism, Americans often believe that their wealth (and thus their own destruction) is necessary to “save the world.”

The Confederacy, monuments to the men who fought for it and the Confederate battle flag are symbols of rebellion against an overreaching, socialistic, highly centralized and authoritarian government; so it’s no wonder the elite power brokers want it erased from memory. While it was waved by racists during the Civil Rights movement, so was the American flag in at least equal numbers. In fact, the American flag flew over a “racist America” far longer than the Confederacy stood as a nation. These facts demonstrate the abject hypocrisy and vapid thought processes of the elites, the race hucksters and their MSM propaganda machine.

But as it was truly a symbol of standing against tyranny, the Confederate battle flag was also waved by protesters demonstrating against Soviet oppression in the 1980s and is seen as a symbol against oppressive government today.

Contrary to what is taught in school and what the propagandists continue to convey ad nauseam, the secession of the Southern states was neither an act of rebellion, nor an act of hostility against the Union. It was a separation from a voluntary contract that joined states in a common bond. But that bond was developing — in the minds of many — into an increasingly repressive institution.

The ramped-up efforts to destroy the last vestiges of the independent spirit and middle-class culture are part of the ongoing struggle of the globalists, collectivists and cultural Marxists to maintain their grip on power until One World Governance is cemented.

It can’t be done until the American system, including the Constitution, are destroyed. 


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