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Here’s what will replace cash and credit cards



From Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

In less than five years, your kids won’t carry wallets. They won’t carry cash. They won’t carry credit cards.

In place of all of this, they will carry just one thing: their mobile phones.

It won’t just be your kids, by the way… In less than five years, you will use your phone to pay for almost everything.

This sounds preposterous, I realize… It’s crazy to even consider when NOBODY here in the U.S. does this – yet. But it’s coming. Without a doubt…

Surprisingly, nobody’s talking about it.

This is exactly what I want to see as an investor… It’s an unstoppable trend that nobody is talking about.

It will be the greatest transformation of how people pay for stuff since… well, since people started paying for stuff.

Who will be the winners and losers in this trend? And how can we profit?

I met with a guy last week in New York who offers us the best way to safely capitalize on this trend.

His name is Andrew Chanin. Last summer, Bloomberg wrote a story about him called “The One-Man, $1.2 Billion ETF Shop.”

Chanin’s company, PureFunds, launched “HACK” – a unique exchange-traded fund focused on investing in cybersecurity – in November 2014. Twelve days later, Sony was hacked… And the assets started flowing in.

Chanin also had a big hit this year with “SILJ” – the PureFunds ISE Junior Silver Fund… Gold and silver stocks surged in the first half of this year, and SILJ’s assets soared more than twentyfold.

But I think Chanin’s biggest success could be in the fund he came up with to profit from what will replace your cash and credit cards…

This story is so important that I wrote the November issue of my True Wealth newsletter about it.

I don’t normally do this… But I really want you to see this whole story. So I have “unlocked” the main part of this month’s True Wealth issue for you.

You can see my full story of what will replace cash and credit cards – and how to profit from it – by clicking right here.


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