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Getting stoopid at school

by Sam Rolley
Rolling efforts to make sure no student ever feels a modicum of discomfort are quickly turning U.S. schools into dullard’s dens. The road to complete national idiocy, it seems, is also paved with good intentions.

A report recently published by The Daily Caller relays that public educators in Minnesota are now being advised that it would best practice to “segregate” students who object to sharing locker rooms and bathrooms with peers claiming to be transgender so that students identifying as a sex other than that which they were born are not made to feel uncomfortable on campus.

The advisory comes as part of a draft toolkit for teachers titled “Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students.” Its primary purpose, according to activist groups and state officials who support the suggestions outlined in the document, is to make K-12 schools friendlier places for students grappling with sexual identity issues.

Of course, it isn’t so generous to students who adhere to more traditional values and who may be made uncomfortable having, say to change clothes with a girl who just last year was a boy, in the girls locker room.

From the document:

Transgender and gender nonconforming students should be afforded the opportunity to use the restroom of their choice. Some students may feel uncomfortable with using a restroom with a transgender or gender nonconforming student. Any student who wishes not to share a restroom with a transgender or gender nonconforming student can be provided a private space such as a single-user restroom. Many schools have chosen to make single-stall restrooms available to all students. For example, some schools have re-purposed a staff restroom into a single user restroom for all students to use.

While schools certainly shouldn’t punish minority students for wishing to develop the identity they feel they truly must, it seems a little awkward to suggest that wishing to adhere to longstanding societal norms ought to be grounds for being treated as the one who’s different.

And that sort of gets at the heart of the problem with the nation’s current fixation on making everything normal, no matter how fringe it really is– those who define normalcy based on biological indicators and traditional lifestyle choices have to become society’s freaks. What you learn at home about what is and isn’t natural, the toolkit tells students in a roundabout way, doesn’t apply.

As one local parent told the Minnesota Star Tribune: “Sadly, this toolkit undermines my authority as a parent.”

Over-sensitivity to small and easily offended subsets of society are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception in American school districts.

In Oregon, a school district is currently in the process of renaming campuses– previously Lynch Meadows, Lynch Wood and Lynch View, after the family who donated land for the campuses. Bet you can’t guess why.

Evidently, the surname “Lynch” is simply too painful for people who choose to spend all of their time focused on the sins of the nation’s past.

Unfortunately, our education system serves as the first stop on the national sprint toward a future of total illiteracy and irrationality. But hey, at least everyone will think everything is normal and OK.


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