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Freedom and the conscious mind

The only escape from tyranny is mental freedom, or a move from the unconscious to the conscious mind.

Americans would scoff and laugh at any hint that they don’t have freedom, let alone a conscious mind. Yet we are subject to a system of thought that can and is constantly manipulating our lives. Few even suspect this.

Who has the time and focus to penetrate the hidden agenda of the media and government? For the multitude, there is nothing in their unconscious mind to spark suspicion or inquiry into devious political demagoguery. We practically go through our entire existence in an unconscious state. We pay respect to the very influences that are life-consuming and constantly drain our lives and assets.

Modern psychological force is based on the propaganda doctrines of altruism and self-sacrifice among the people. Anti-productive politicians and bureaucrats use and coerce the public mind with the doctrines of self-sacrifice and altruism. This is a system of appeal to the unconscious mind. When you hear a politician use the term “fairness” or “your fair share,” he is manipulating you to give up something to nonproductive government.

If the manipulative fiction of self-sacrifice were to become widely known, the people could readily see that taxes, regulations and innumerable laws are a complex system of government force.

The very first step toward mental freedom is to recognize the politics of envy (class warfare) and self-sacrifice. Then psychological power and advantage is reversed from external authorities to us, the individuals. This is universally true in any country in the world. Mental freedom precedes physical freedom. Mental freedom is not a figment of idealism or philosophy. It delivers peace of mind and unlimited prosperity to the individual right under the nose of oppressive government. To escape oppressive government is to escape the thought system into which we are born.

Man by nature seeks guidance from external authority. External authority is the system that we are born into, including our education, our health system, social organizations, government, religious authorities, and “science.” The integration of these is an automatic guidance system.

Religious cults and political doctrines are made to order by external authorities that demand surrender of the individual and personal responsibility in exchange for authoritarian guidance and control over our lives based on nebulous and illusory promises of prosperity and security.

The world could not stand without productive individuals. Yet political hypnosis steadily narrows our sense of self, introspection and consciousness in favor of collective obedience and faith in “authority.” We need to be aware of this and strive for a transition back to consciousness and self-realization. Political doctrines that offer automatic answers and lifetime guidance without the effort of using our conscious minds and individual self-esteem are false. They are ploys for power over our lives and our total existence, including our earned assets and wealth. It is all mass hypnosis that we have mistaken for political and mental freedom.

You are the advance guard in the transition back to conscious reality and the recognition of political manipulation. The expansion of our numbers could and will mean the end of authoritarianism. The individual in a state of consciousness is not subject to mass hypnosis and political deception.

When people are programmed by mass hypnosis, as most Americans are, they are in a state of cognitive dissonance (the inability to ponder or contemplate information that challenges personal beliefs, values and ideas). They automatically reject any thought not in harmony with external authority.

Most of you have seen and experienced this first hand with friends, neighbors, and family. It is easy to see this tremendous power in the hands of those who control the collective mind.

It is commonly believed that an unconscious person is comatose. This is the extreme, but the unconscious person is anyone under automatic guidance from external authorities. This refers to the vast majority of Americans. Quite obviously, political and some religious authorities want to keep this state of unconscious collective mind. When we understand this, we see that all governments strive to keep the mass mind unconscious and dependent upon authority.

Political systems approach the high risk zone as larger numbers of people discover consciousness and personal initiative and guidance from their own brains. Politicians and altruistic charlatans would call this transition “selfishness.”

It may surprise most of us to know that consciousness is only a small part of our mental activity and is not necessary for learning, thinking and reasoning. This would explain how and why intelligent people can live their lifetimes in a state of unconsciousness. In this state, one is subject to external influences and authority without any awareness. It is expanding consciousness that sparks us to see external influences of oppressive authority. As we begin to see a contrast in the individual versus the collective crowd, the conscious person develops and experiences higher and higher levels of introspection and abstract thought and at the same time rejection of external authority in whatever form. A marked characteristic is individual responsibility.

It is interesting to note that a “court of law” only allows objective testimony of facts characteristic of the unconscious mind. This suggests a rigid and controlled procedure that guides verdicts in favor of the system. Introspection and abstract thought are not allowed.

Just the awareness that external authority is an automatic guidance system which uses the unconscious mind to exploit productive people puts the system in serious jeopardy. We are now alert to the nature of the conscious mind necessary to dissipate the quagmire of deceit. This is the pabulum of self-awareness and self-realization.

All competent people learn to think and act on reality and their own volition. They reject the influence of mysticism and authorities, or any substitute for reality and self-responsibility.


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