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DARPA Computer Geek Talks About Hacking Cars

In the video below, Dr. Kathleen Fisher, a DARPA program manager, talks about the ability to hack into car computer systems. She explains how it is possible to remotely control modern cars through Bluetooth and smart phone technology.
Department of Defense official reveals that late-model vehicles can be hacked and controlled remotely through their built-in computer systems, smart-phone technology, and stereo systems. [That includes remote control of speed, braking, and steering. This information will be found in the first three minutes of her talk. The rest is technical information.]
DARPA, short for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is the Department of Defense agency responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military.

Her talk demonstrates that such an ability exists and the Pentagon has researched it.

Fisher makes the comments within the first three minutes of the following video.


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