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‘Big Fat Lies’ about the Official Version of the Las Vegas Shooting

Bill Still

Bill Still interviews a Las Vegas casino security guard who debunks the official story of the shooting as a ‘big fat lie’. One of those lies is the statement by David Hickey, the union representative for Jesus Campos, who is said to be the security guard who was shot in the leg by Paddock. Hickey says that Campos did not need a state-authorized guard-card, but the guard being interviewed by Still says this is false.  Furthermore, Las Vegas casino security guards do not have a union, which raises a question about Hickey who claims to be the union representative for Campos. The other lie told by Campos and Hickey is that Campos was treated at a ‘quick-care’ facility for his gunshot wound before driving to Mexico and back. This, too, is false, according to this interview. Quick-care facilities do not have X-ray machines or surgical equipment to treat such wounds and must send people to hospitals for that. Furthermore, a phone survey of all quick-care facilities in Las Vegas determined that Campos did not appear at any of them. [Although we do not think that signing a petition to the federal government to conduct an investigation of the Las Vegas shooting is a smart move, we do think that Still has brought to light important facts that seriously challenge the veracity of the official story about the shooting.] -GEG



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