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After resigning, lawmaker tells the truth about GOP incompetence (video)

by Sam Rolley

“I was first elected when president Obama became the President, and after that health care bill was passed, some 50 plus times, we voted to repeal it,” he said on Fox News. “That was pretend, now it is real real. “

Chaffetz said the GOP leadership told congressional Republicans to prepare for a repeal vote just after President Donald Trump’s January 20 inauguration. But after the president took office, the party leadership changed its tune, insisting that a full repeal was impossible and offering up the weak Obamacare reform package that has been labeled a sham by congressional conservatives and their constituents.

“I was the chairman, and we were told in November and December, that, hey, we are going to front-load the schedule into January so that by the time the president is sworn in and it is President Trump, he will have a bill sitting on his desk,” Chaffetz said. “And I can tell you, there is a great deal of frustration in both the House and the Senate that there is not yet a bill because it really feels like they haven’t yet gotten together and figured out a plan.”

The plan voters are seeing today is nowhere near as tough as the plan GOP leaders promised, Chaffetz said.

“We have been talking about it for seven years, and here we are turning the corner into July, and you can still can point to a single thing that will unite us.”

The lawmaker predicted that Republican lawmakers will spend much of their August recess hiding from constituents if they don’t manage to make real progress on repealing Obamacare before they leave Washington for the month.


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