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ADL Owns Ratfacedjews.com

Nazi Website Used to Scare Jews, Launder Cash


This is my website, you stupid friggin’ Jews

This is my website, you stupid friggin’ Jews

by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor VT


A forensic search of www.ratfacedjews.com,www.thejewishproblem.com and dozens of other objectionable websites has shown that the Anti-Defamation League headed by Abe Foxman, is funding them and that ADL workers along with volunteers are managing these “NAZI” websites.

These and other websites are used by the ADL in a pattern of massive piracy and copyright violation, a pattern of criminal activity that violates their tax exempt status with the IRS.

“They got some spainin’ to do”


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  1. Andre says:

    This site is owned by Mike Delaney, maker of Missing Links. Please read my articles on the topic at http://totalfascism.com

    Gordon Duff is a racial Jew.

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