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Welcome to the WichitaObserver.com!

It’s now  1/8/17. I started this endeavor a little over 7 years ago. I’ve put up  7,000 posts. Have you read them all? Watched all the videos and documentaries?

If your wondering,who is this guy? I’d have to say that I’m just a concerned American. USMC vet. Work as a machinist. Trying to make a decent living like most people.

The purpose of this site is to give you alternative  views from that of the mainstream media. They say there’s at least two sides to every story. I put stuff out there for you to checkout and make up your own mind.

I do this on my own. It’s strictly a non-profit news media for my part. As a matter of fact this site costs me it’s not free.

I am compensated though. Each and every time one of you, the reader, checks out my posts.(That’s my “compensation”.)  I just want people to have as much info as possible. Get those cogs turning….

My goal is to make a dent in what I’ll call the perpetual state of indifference. It’s an uphill battle. I’m not happy that the “powers that be” are deceptive,evil and manipulative. Rest assured I’m being kind with that analogy.

In closing: The #1 reason to be suspicious of our government. They take away your liberty and tell you it’s for your own safety…..that’s what Stalin,Mao and Hitler said….WAKE UP people!


Take Care! Chaz