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A cure for KS current crisis and a path to 0 personal income tax. (Sounds good to me ed)


Kansans For Liberty

Kansas Legislator


Firstly I want to say to each of you that you are the Ks. Legislature and “your will is law”. For those of you that have thoughts like we can’t do that, YES YOU CAN

Attached is a rewrite of HB 2019 that would cure your current revenue shortfall crisis and put Kansas on the path to NO PERSONAL INCOME TAX  in 2020.

It is a simple 1/2 cent sales tax applied to a broader base starting July 1st 2015.


Every voter in this state wants to end income tax, and a 1/2 cent “pass through” sales tax will not put a single business in this state out of business (if it does they were already “walking dead”).

hb 2109 $0 income tax budget fix 


Fix your problem!

Keep your promises for no “tax increases”

Eliminate the Personal Income Tax.

This is the “great things” that you came to Topeka for.

Thank you for your consideration

We will not waver; we will not tire;

 we will not falter, and we will not fail.” 
George W. Bush


Thank You,

Craig Gabel

Please call if you have questions 316-806-3300craig_gabel@yahoo.com


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