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5th annual 10th Amendment Dinner Topeka,KS 1/11/17

10th Amendment Dinner

5th annual 10th Amendment Dinner held in Topeka,KS 1/11/17. Guest speakers were KrisAnne Hall, Sheriff Richard Mack and KS Secretary of State Kris Kobach. What a great rally for State’s Rights! If you believe in your liberty you should make arrangements to attend this next year.

Sheriff Mack

Sheriff Mack talked about the duties and responsibilities of a Sheriff and his or her duties to We The People according to the Oath they take. As in most do not protect We The People as they should and how they need to be held more accountable by WTP ,as all elected Officials should. They do work for us….you as an individual have to take an active interest though. Apathy and indifference is killing America.

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach. Talked mostly about the sad state of affairs pertaining to Federal Courts and Judges. Obama appointed 300 some odd Judges. Keyword there is “odd”…chuckle…  The ones on the Supreme Court also… So as in winning State’s Rights cases in court will be an uphill battle. He said Trump has a chance to fill over 100 current vacancies though. Which gives a glimmer of hope in that area. The one Supreme Court Judge also. We as Kansans are fortunate to have Kris Kobach. Super nice and highly competent individual.

KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall. If you don’t know who she is you need to get online and check out some of her videos. She’s an ardent Constitutionalist. As a side I just found out she used to be a “flaming liberal” in literally every sense. Not any more. Freedom and Liberty burn inside her. She talked about some of the unheard of heroes of the Revolution. Their sacrifices. How it all relates as to all of our responsibilities to ensure that freedom survives to be passed on to our children. That we don’t let the sacrifices of those that gave us this great Country be in vain. Passion on  this subject she has no shortage of.

I wish events like today were attended by thousands instead of hundreds. Everyone at both events could have made an excuse to not be there. I highly encourage all of you to be more supportive of Freedom related events such as the 2nd Amendment Rally at the Capital and the 10th Amendment Dinner, in the future.

I want to give a little shout out to Rob Wood. Anytime I see his name associated with something,such as these two events,it means I pretty much need to drop what I’m doing and be as supportive as I can. Everyone of you that knows what the 2nd Amendment Protection Act is need to tell him your thanks when you see him. His efforts helped make sure it passed. When he says two Kansans need our support they’re being screwed over. I knew I needed to show up. Thousands need to show up. Instead of thinking what difference will I make. Make a difference and just show up. Then you’ll see. More importantly, when thousands show up, those that would try to oppress us will see.

All the best! Thanks to all of you for being interested in my Wichita Observer endeavor!


Rob my “musket’s” ready….chuckle

My great Patriot tablemates!

Attendees… I know I need to take better pics…




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