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2nd Amendment Protection Act Rally Topeka,KS for Jeremy Kettler and Shane Cox 1/11/17

Jeremy Kettler in middle.

1/11/17 Topeka/Capital rally forJeremy Kettler and Shane Cox for being Federally prosecuted even though Kansas State law was not violated. The Governor and Attorney General and State legislators are throwing them under the bus and all Kansans by not standing up for Kansas state law. It’s a fn disgrace! (Over a silencer made in KS and sold to a Kansan which is legal under the Kansas 2nd Amendment Protection Act passed in 2013)

The true highlight was KrisAnne’s speech and calling out Governor Brownback,Attorney General Schmidt and the Legislators of KS. They’re neglecting their duty and it’s causing serious Federal charges against two Kansas citizens. Who were told by local Law Enforcement that what they were doing was pefectly legal according to KS Law. We are, as Kansans, all being thrown under the bus by our elected officials. You should contact and tell your elected officials to stand up for Kansas and the two above mentioned individuals. What if it was someone in your family…Call the Gov. the AG and your Reps and tell them to stand up for KS Law and our Rights as Kansans. Here’s AG Derek Scmidt’s #785-296-2215 (Call even if you’re not a Kansan. States Right thing.)


“Geezer” speaking at rally. Great guy. Pillar in the name of freedom and liberty.

KrisAnne Hall. Great Constitutionalist and one of America’s finest in the fight for your Freedoms and Rights. That’s actually an understatement.

Sheriff Richard Mack. All about your local Sheriff living up to his Constitutional duty and his Oath. One being,stopping the overreach of the Federal Government in their respective County. As in keeping in check the oppresion of We The People and our Rights and of States Rights.

Rally attendees.

Rally attendees. There were more. It lasted a couple hours.


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